Main types of explanatory videos

In this post we will see the main types of most common explanatory Videos. The explanatory video is one of the most used tools today to communicate, advertise or attract audiences of all kinds. And more when everything is done online. That is what has made the explanatory video the preferred tool for this new era of internet that we are living.

Video explicativo

We are going to distinguish between 3 main types of explanatory videos that exist

Most common explanatory video types

Tipos de Videos explicativos

Video whiteboard

Tambien llamados videos whiteBoard o videos Scribe o scribing

The whiteboard videos are the videos where a hand appears drawing the scene, they are usually in black and white or with some colors but it is not characterized by being the most colorful since first the lines of the drawings are drawn imitating the style traditional cartoon. It is usually the cheapest alternative compared to motion graphics vidoes or 3d animations for example. There are applications with which you can make this type of style although there are many finishes, some better than others.

Animated video

Tambien llamados videos motion graphics

The animated videos or motion graphics are those drawings dynamic animated videos where color and dynamism is king.

They are very attractive and eye-catching since they are in full color and with a lot of movement of both elements and characters. They tend to be somewhat more expensive than whiteboard videos but the result is much more dynamic.

The most common style is the Flat design style or flat design, which is the basic style par excellence, flat colors, basic shapes, few or no gradient shadows or highlights.

3D video

Also called 3D animation videos

The explanatory videos with 3D animation can undoubtedly become the most attractive, exotic and dynamic of all but so are their prices.

The rendering of a fairly complex scene, that is, the work that a computer must do to convert the animation created in 3d in the program by the director into video is no small feat, and usually costs money.

This is one of the reasons why their prices skyrocket.

Although we will also have the alternatives of the applications that can save us in those moments where we need something fast and simple.

Here you can see our explanatory video about the most common types of explanatory videos on the market.

Presentations video

Video presentations are an organic and humanized alternative to present your product or company, you need an actor in a recording studio.

It is a magnificent alternative when it comes to creating corporate and audiovisual content that will give your brand a seriousness and an empowering closeness to your brand. Address your audience in the most humane and direct way that exists.

3D video presentations

3D video presentations are a very organic and humanized alternative to present your product or company. Instead of an actor you have a male or female character and put color to the clothes and decorations.

It is a great alternative to replace the budget of the actors and the recording studio. You can see the result in the video. >>>>>>>>>>


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