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What is an explanatory video:

In this video we are going to explain what the term explanatory video is and what it means, and we are going to analyze the main production techniques for them.

In itself the definition I think is very clear and is more than obvious.

An explanatory video is a video that explains something. But specifically the term explanatory video, animated video, video with pictures, comes to refer to that video that explains something concrete, it can be some history, the operation of a process, concrete information
, advertising, everything.

It can cover all sectors, education, health, engineering, telecommunications, marketing, entertainment , ….

Ultimately it is used as a form of communication. Usually it has become so popular thanks to the arrival of the internet. Now the need to have content online has become massive and often mandatory.

Having an explanatory video can save customers or audiences much time

Save yourself the hassle of having to read certain processes or ideas. A person who watches a video in a matter of minutes can be clear about what it is about and what we are telling them.

Ideal for processes, operations, strategies, and applications of all kinds.

In an explanatory animated video being visual it is much easier to develop ideas. If you combine them with audio and images, everything becomes much more effective and even pleasant. There are also many techniques, there are even online programs that do quite interesting things to you. We will discuss this in detail in another video because there are many alternatives and some are better than others.

We can distinguish 3 main more standard techniques . They are also the most famous in the explanatory video production industry. We will talk about whiteboard videos , motion graphics (the usual cartoon videos) and 3D animations .

  1. On the one hand we would have the White Board videos , or white board videos . D onde as the speech progresses a hand appears drawing the scene or process. This technique is well known, and widely used because it is an option that is usually cheaper than other techniques. Although it really will depend on the level of demand of the project. There are companies specialized in this technique that charge your money. These really are a minority and they are those that use real drawings. You have to differentiate.

For the vast majority of explanatory video companies, these videos are made with a technique in which the hand does not actually draw the drawing

It gives that feeling, yes. Some achieve it more than others that is also true. Some even use a 3d hand that is very ugly because it seems like a rare thing more than a hand. It looks like a plastic hand and personally for that I would prefer to put a drawn hand that is the one that draws. Before putting such an infamous rare hand !! There are different hands with markers and if you look at them they have different finishes, different writing sensations, some are really horrible. It gives the impression that the lettering is flying. They have no real writing feel. Then there are others who work it out a little more and it seems that they do draw it.

But to be honest there are some companies, the least, (we’ll talk about this another day).


If there are drawing on real - time, doing a job truly artisan

These videos are of course more complex and expensive and the result is usually spectacular, very beautiful and natural. Although I must also say that there are times when the difference may not be appreciated, if the video made with programs is well worked it can be difficult to see the difference, especially if you do not work in this sector of animation. 


And I have also seen cases of artisan videos that were not especially better than those made with programs. Since in the end the normally drawn video is also sped up

giving many times the same sensation that the fact produces with programs. In the end, it is about the company being serious and taking seriously the end result of what it produces.

Here it is a question of budgets and experience of the company.

You will have to analyze the previous work of the agencies or companies seeing the drawing style of the draftsman of those who are artisans and seeing the finish of those who are not artisans

There are also web applications that make these videos such as animaker, rendfores, sparkol or doodly but so that the water mark does not appear you must pay a subscription that goes from € 20 to € 100-€ 200 per month, some do not have a good finish and You have to hire the voiceover on your own It can be a good alternative if you don’t have a budget or if you need something very simple but you will have to do it yourself and depending on the complexity of the subject it may not be very good and it does not give you the necessary seriousness . Without a doubt, a personalized video will always be more serious and with a more professional finish.

Then we have Motion graphics videos, or videos with cartoons,

They are animated and dynamic 2d videos, they are more creative and usually somewhat more expensive than whiteboard videos, but the finish is very entertaining, colorful and dynamic.

 If the chosen company is good, the result is much more impressive and super dynamic. Here I would highlight the Flat design concept , which is the flat drawing style, characterized by its maximum simplicity, of flat colors without gradients, which became fashionable a few years ago.

Contrary to the position of the photoshop fashion with its glitters, gradients, golden things, plateads, the typical design of Regetton posters, a lot of brightness, glitter, rays, lights, etc …, 

Then the flat design would be the opposite of the pompous style. It is the simple and basic style par excellence. Rounded shapes, basic shapes, and with flat colors.

Most motion graphics, or 2d animations today follow that line more or less. There are animations with a more or less comic style, others more realistic style or the manga style that would be a mixture. But if you look at this type of drawings you hardly see in the corporate and commercial explanatory videos and it is used more than anything in the White board videos or white board videos, because in the White boards only one scene is drawn, if we had to produce organic movement of these drawings, like the drawings of a lifetime, I know that it would multiply the work for each second of animation, even so there is everything, but it is clear that the reason why this style has been imposed is because it has a better manageability and at the same time it is simply clear and concise, and in design, less is more. If it is more economical to produce,

Vídeo presentation

Video presentations are an organic and humanized alternative to present your product or company in your explanatory video, you need an actor and a recording studio.

It is a magnificent alternative when creating corporate and audiovisual content that will give your brand a seriousness and an empowering closeness to your brand. Address your audience in the most humane and direct way that exists.

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