Also called flat style

The flat design style is the style that became fashionable a few years ago and that has been imposed globally in animated explanatory videos.

Most motion graphics videos, cartoon videos, and explanatory animated videos are made in this style.

A little history

The flat design could be born or come from  Switzerland and minimalism . Between the 1940s and 1950s, a trend towards the use of Sans Serif typeface developed in Switzerland with a clear hierarchy of content and design. The Helveltic typeface also appeared, which was also born in Switzerland and was widely used at that time. We could also refer to Germany through the Bauhaus school who began with these components of simplicity  in the 1920s, although it was in Switzerland with whom it reached the greatest popularity and use.

This style is the complete opposite of the ornate or royal styles of a few years ago, it is the basic style par excellence.

Flat colors, basic shapes without excesses or shine, or very few.

In this way it is the most concise style that exists. That is why it has reached the degree of popularity and such widespread use.

This style was really born many years ago with minimalist styles 

which were characterized by being basic and very conceptual shapes, using lines, squares and super basic shapes as forms of expression.

In design less is more.

Flatdesign for applications

In the world of applications, software and interfaces, “Flat Design” or “Flat Design” is characterized by eliminating or reducing all types of decoration in an interface or web design to simplify the message and facilitate functionality. Textures, gradients, bevels, shadows are eliminated … in short, everything that does not add value to the message or information that you want to convey to the user who interacts with the interface. Many believe that it was windows that got the flatdesign style but it is not exactly from windows that this style was born, rather windows used it in their designs.

<- Typical example of style FlatDesign

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