We must do to change the language of our effects after? To put our after effects in English is very simple, we just have to create a txt file with the title ae_force_english and copy it or put it in our Documents folder. So our language will be loaded in English and if we want […]



HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN WHITEBOARD VIDEO Free Video Whiteboard ↓↓ DOWNLOAD TEMPLATE AT THE END OF THE PAGE ↓↓↓↓ We bring you a fabulous tutorial with a template so you can make your own whiteboard videos or whiteboard videos, video scribing or video scribe. Following the steps you will have no problem doing it […]


EDITABLE CHRISTMAS TEMPLATES We bring you a beautiful selection of templates that you can customize to your liking easily and simply with instructions and tutorials from their own authors. Envato provides an unlimited assortment of top-quality editable templates. Many are fully adapted to edit easily and without the need for plugins or add-ons, their quality […]


WHY YOU NEED AN EXPLANATORY VIDEO Animated Video Expository Coporativo – Whiteboard Presentation -Video At the time, we all considered the possibility of explaining our business clearly and creatively. The effectiveness of an explanatory video can be measured by many factors that can be considered and measured. Apart from the pleasure of producing your great […]


We present you a guide to configure your computer yourself Hardware configuration animated video editing Explicative If you are thinking of renewing your equipment, we help you compose a good configuration to edit videos according to your budget. You can also pay a small bonus to a company to test your combination of elements. For […]

Whiteboard Videos // Scribing video

Videos Whiteboard or video Scribing or Whiteboard Visit our entry to make a video scribe yourself with our tutorial, if you want to learn to do it yourself. The whiteboard videos  or scribing or scribe videos, are those videos where a hand draws each scene. really drawn and which simulate the drawing drawing simulated Most […]

What is Flat Design?

WHAT IS THE FLAT STYLE DESIGN? Also called flat style The flat design style is the style that became fashionable a few years ago and that has been imposed globally in animated explanatory videos. Most motion graphics videos, cartoon videos, and explanatory animated videos are made in this style. A little history The flat design could be […]

Main types of explanatory videos

Main types of explanatory videos In this post we will see the main types of most common explanatory Videos. The explanatory video is one of the most used tools today to communicate, advertise or attract audiences of all kinds. And more when everything is done online. That is what has made the explanatory video the […]

What is an Explainer video? a portal specialized in commercial illustration and animation. Our job is to make explanatory videos for agencies or individuals. We create explanatory videos in English using 2d animation. What is an explanatory video: In this video we are going to explain what the term explanatory video is and what it means, and we are […]